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May 1, 2017

In my return episode, I meant to talk about a lot of things but instead ended focusing on a topic that I have a strong opinion on, Frank Mir's USADA suspension.

Whether you like him or not, whether you think he's a cheater or not, the way his case has been handled, when viewed objectively, raises a lot of red flags. Red flags concerning the one-way street that is USADA. They can suspend, they can curtail a career, they can change procedures and they can do it all without the fighters having much of a say.

How can fighters defend themselves when they are not clearly told what they are being accused of? Worse yet, how can a wrong be avoided if a fighter is told that he is found guilty of having a substance in his body that might have been there from years ago? I'm not here to discuss guilt or innocence, I'm talking about how we determine guilt or innocence in the UFC.